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(Dir. GIULIA GANDINI | UK | 2018 | 5m)

MY TIME is a drama about a 12-year-old girl who has her first period during class. Her skirt is stained red. She is up next to present her final paper in front of all her peers. Will she find a way out of the ‘uncomfortable’ situation?

“I clearly remember my first period, and have lived with menstruation ever since. But as a filmmaker and woman, I have always noticed a lack in the representation of the topic. Menstruation is very often a “taboo” on screen: female characters very rarely deal with their menstrual cycles or even talk about them. I believe that an entertaining, yet socially-rooted super short film would raise important questions about what it means to be a woman, dealing with the feminine body and how to portray it. Plus, the film’s crew is female-driven (written, directed, produced by women) and it stars a female lead.” 

– Giulia Gandini, Writer-Director

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