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Hatch Films CIC is a social impact film and video production company with the core aim of creating equity, embedding a culture of development and helping facilitate safe spaces for underrepresented talent (crew) in film, TV and branded content. We have a key focus on talent from the global majority, low-socioeconomic backgrounds and LGBTQ+.


We want to help large and small production companies, producers, broadcasters and streamers tackle crew diversity.


Our social mission is funded by our commercial video services and grant funding.

At Hatch Films, our core mission is to champion equity, development, and safety within the film and TV industry, ensuring a level playing field for underrepresented groups. We believe that true progress in our industry requires a commitment to these fundamental principles:

Equity: Our goal is to dismantle the barriers that prevent diverse voices from being heard and seen. We're dedicated to creating equal opportunities for all, particularly for those who have historically been sidelined. By addressing systemic inequalities, we strive to level the playing field, ensuring that talent from underrepresented backgrounds has the same chances for success as their counterparts.

Development: We're passionate about uncovering and nurturing diverse talent. Our approach goes beyond simple discovery; we're committed to investing time, resources, and care into developing these voices. Building a culture that actively seeks, supports, and elevates diverse talent is at the heart of what we do. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to grow, learn, and succeed in the creative industries.

Safety: Providing safe, inclusive spaces where individuals from underrepresented groups can meet, upskill, and collaborate is crucial. Our initiatives are designed to foster environments where creativity thrives, free from discrimination and prejudice. We understand the importance of safety in unlocking the full potential of our community, allowing them to work and create with confidence.

In summary, Hatch Films is more than a production company; we're a catalyst for change in the film and TV industry. Our social mission is to promote equity, encourage development, and ensure safety, creating a more inclusive, diverse, and vibrant creative world.

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