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(Dir. JON MAX SPATZ | UK | 2017 | 9m)

As a young woman lies dying in hospital, we journey through her subconscious as she faces one last fight to say goodbye to her loved ones.

"The film was inspired by the death of a friend when I was 18 years old. By the end he couldn't remember his name but would have terrifying moments of lucidity: talking wildly about objects and figures in the room where he was lay - figures and objects we couldn't see. It made me wonder what he was trying to communicate in those last moments and got me thinking about what I would want to say to my loved ones come the end.


With my grandma passing away whilst we were shooting, the film took on extra meaning and I am grateful to everyone on the production for helping me see it through.." 

– Jon Max Spatz, Writer-Director

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