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Championed by Actor, David Gyasi and supported by NBCUniversal and WDM Entertainment This programme aims to source and develop the best Production Assistant/Runners in the business from diverse backgrounds and set them on the path to become Producers.


Through expert coaching, skills workshops, practical tasks and placements, participants will be ready to excel in entry level roles. Through work opportunities, Hatch Films will track and monitor PA's to support progression


This 12 month programme consists of a 5 day workshop and regular masterclasses with aim of:

  • Increasing knowledge and understanding of the industry

  • Improving practical and soft skills

  • Building strong foundations as a Producer

  • Improving access to job opportunities

  • Clear career mapping


Get Started in Film is a 14 day programme supported by The Princes' Trust it combines workshops, on-the-job training and mentorship by experienced film professionals; providing participants with everything they need to start a career within the film and TV industries. (In some cases, an IMbD credit)

Participants on this programme receive at least 6 months on-going support from us. 


We have trained over 400 underrepresented young people in all aspects of the film production process. Alumni have gone on to work with and for the BFI, Channel 4, Slick Films, Sky, BBC and various independent productions. See below for the latest videos about our amazing former trainees: 


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