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(Dir. LAB KY MO | UK | 2019 | 15m)

Producer: CHI THAI

Writer: MING HO

The unexpected arrival of her mother and socialist brother threatens the ambitions of a
prospective Conservative Party candidate.

"The 'British People' have become a mythic entity, oft cited by politicians in Brexit Britain. As second generation British-Chinese, but also Scots and working class, JANE and JUN have grown up negotiating multiple identifies, learning to play different roles for each new audience - with Jane, the woukd-be politician, arguably a more successful performer than her actor brother... Through conflict between these siblings, who share the same origins, but have responded to them in very different ways, our film explores with heart and humour how we define ourselves, and the bargains we make t gain status and succeed in the eyes of society." 

– Lab Ky Mo, Director

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