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(Dir. ALEX KENDALL | UK | 2018 | 15m)

A woman faces the reality of having a partner shackled by serious illness, rendering their romantic relationship obsolete and leaving the rest of her life in a state of flux.

NO PAIN WHATSOEVER is an adaptation of a short story by the iconic mid-century author Richard Yates (REVOLUTIONARY ROAD). Set during the 1950s, the store explores the dilemma of a woman facing the reality of having a partner suffering from serious illness (in this case tuberculosis).


The film aims to explore the nature and power of relationships and loneliness - and in particular give a refreshing and provocative perspective on a woman's need for autonomy, both emotionally and physically, which we think is all the more interesting set in a period when these would be in start contrast with social and domestic expectations."

– Alex Kendall, Writer-Director

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