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(Dir. PAUL FRANKL | UK | 2017 | 14m)

GOLD STAR is the story of Joanna, an 18-year-old Jewish school girl, who after a one-night-stand with a non-Jewish boy gets pregnant. She begins to turn to Orthodox Judaism as a way of taking control of her life and to decide what to do about her unborn child.

The idea behind this film is to present an insight into a young woman's choice to become orthodox, and the events around her decision. We believe it reflects the lean to the right and the traditional across the world. Jo feels uncomfortable in the hedonistic environment of her peers, feels misunderstood by her liberal mother, and seeks a safer, alternative lifestyle with structure and community around her. We want to explore how and why a young person might make such a radical decision, without judgement." 

– Paul Frankl, Writer-Director

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