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(Dir. JON MAX SPATZ | UK | 2019 | 10m)

A group of young people are being interviewed ahead of a new global cosplay convention: why do they cosplay; who do they cosplay as; how does it make them feel? As they answer we journey through each of their worlds - a spectacle that questions what is more real: the roles we fulfil day-to-day or the fiction we feel best represents us?

"I have long been interested in the ways that people communicate online, projecting and curating narratives for themselves that may conflict or contradict with their everyday lives - ultimately living a dual existence on and offline. Using the cosplay phenomenon as a means to create multiple narratives for an ensemble cast, the film is designed to challenge the audience to ask themselves whether what we present online is more less real than what we live day-to-day."

– Jon Max Spatz, Writer-Director

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